Third Player Games Podcast is an idea that has been brought to life through hard work and lot of time by three close friends (two of them are a bit more than friends), Amy, Josh, & Jeffers. These three are your average gamers representing all of you! The normal everyday gamers. The podcast is all about positivity, of course, we critique things, but in a healthy way. Our main but not only focus is Indie and smaller publishers/developers. Don’t worry we do discuss bigger titles as well, but we really like to elevate Indie games and discover games you may have not tried, on top of that we mention plenty of sales! Above all else, we are about fun on this podcast! We definitely don’t take ourselves too seriously, so prepare yourself for laughs. We are always eager for feedback and criticism, please contact us at heylisten@thirdplayergames.com with any good or bad feedback you might have! Also if you are looking to sponsor a podcast we are actively looking for one, feel free to shoot us an email if you’re interested. Don’t forget to like, subscribe and share our podcast!