Meet Us

Well hello there! From the time I squanched my first goomba at the age of 4, I knew that this was going to be a hobby, nay a passion, of mine for life. I grew to love it so much that I have seemingly dedicated my life to exploring all it has to offer. This is the main reason I have yet to be drafted into the NFL (among others being a lack of any athleticism, but that is less important), or finished my law degree (or started it). You get the point, this is my favorite activity. In the rare event that I’m not playing, talking, or flirting with the idea of purchasing a game, I’m likely on a hike or into a book. I have found that those are wasted times, so let’s get back to the important stuff. I love everything from puzzle platformers, to casual walking simulators, to competitive fps’. Basically, I like them all. Oh, you too? We’ll get along just fine. Cheers!
Amy Rose is here! I think I was first drawn to video games because I have a strong sense of adventure and, as a kid, loved the freedom of being able to explore virtually when I was unable to explore the real world. While I still do enjoy open world games and getting lost in a fictional universe for hours, I now mostly appreciate video games as an art form and eat up beautiful and emotional games like Journey. But, at the same time, my love for video games stems from my competitiveness, and I want nothing more than to kick your butt at Rocket League.
What’s up everybody?! See what I did there? Hey there, for those that don’t know my name is Jeffers Haile. I am a part-time freelance writer with a focus on video games and movies. I hail (no pun intended) from Washington state but currently reside in Austin, Tx. I miss seasons, seriously. Enough of that, I have a huge passion for video games, if I’m not writing about them, then I’m probably playing them. If I’m not doing either of those then I’m reading other well-written articles while keeping myself up to date on everything going on in the industry. I am so proud and excited to be a part of Third Player Games, thank you for taking the time to listen to us. Feel free to reach out to me about anything, especially if you’re interested in working together: Have a great day everyone!