October Video Game Highlights

What’s Up Everybodyyyy????!!! Happy October! Please enjoy this lovely calendar made by our very own Amy. These are Third Player Games top five most anticipated games of the month!

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

Shadowkeep is Destiny 2’s fourth installment. Anyone who plays Destiny already knows everything about this. If you’re thinking about jumping in for the first time or back in after a hiatus, this might be the time to do it. Bungie’s first solo release since their split from Activision comes at a time when Destiny 2’s core game has gone free to play. Destiny now sells new installments individually, meaning you can still play Shadowkeep even if it’s the only version you own.

The standard edition for Shadowkeep runs $35, with the digital deluxe for $60. For all you crazy cats out there who can’t get enough, the collectors edition is available for $150. Shadowkeep will focus on taking players back to the moon with a character returning from Destiny 1 as the main focus: Eris Morn.

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince

It’s no secret the Trine series, or at the very least Trine 2 (the best one), holds a special place in the hearts of TPG. It’s been about four years since the lukewarm reception of Trine 3.

In Trine 4 you’ll be on a quest to retrieve the young Prince Selius. To be frank, all three of us played the entirety of Trine 2 and we couldn’t begin to tell you what the story was about. That’s not a knock on the game, just an opinion of where this series shines, gorgeous 2.5D level design, combined with fantastic and hilarious made for co-op style gameplay. This one seems to be no exception and that’s a good thing.

One suggestion, if you’re thinking about getting Trine 4, try to have at least one other person to play with. The game stands out when friends or family are involved. Luckily they can be near or far with online or local co-op up to four players. Even better, Trine 4 is out on every platform and only $30! This is a game that if it bounces back from it’s predecessor will be an absolute steal!

COD Modern Warfare

For Call of Duty Modern Warefare, we have a much longer preview of the game. TPG was able to get hands-on thanks to multiple beta weekends. Josh and Amy put in a lot of time. Credit to the majority of this write up goes to Josh, below is his review and preview of what’s to come.

Another year, another Call of Duty. Although it’s an initial good time with the demo, we don’t believe it’s going to sway anyone who hasn’t been a fan in the past. That aside the gunplay and time to kill feel a lot like the older Call of Duty’s. Funny enough, or maybe not when you consider its name, it resembles the original Modern Warfare (COD 4). Maps were hit or miss, but we only got a small sample, so it’s difficult to get a feel for how it will play out. By and far the best looking COD on console, the pacing of it, however, is slower than years past. Combine that with the faster TTK and this can lead to some campy play styles, but different folks, different strokes.

They’ve introduced some new game-modes as well. While there’s no battle royale, a Ground War mode for 32v32 is quite the change from years past. Ground mode has been a staple of the franchise for quite some time, but never to this scale, dedicated map(s) with vehicles to boot. COD Battlefield anyone? In addition to this, they’ve already shown off a new 2v2 game-mode, which we started to really enjoy (this is probably what I miss the most from the beta). Lastly, they’ve done away with the previously popular pick-10 system for weapon customization and replaced that with a very involved and heavily customizable “Gunsmith”. You now can pick from a handful of available weapon attachments that heavily alter the gun performance. Each attachment comes with pros and cons, so you can have a wide variety of weapon experiences depending on what you’ve equipped. This adds a level of weapon depth that we haven’t really seen from this franchise.

For the record, I’m just a sucker for this gameplay loop that seems to be only offered by Call of Duty. From my limited time playing the beta, it feels like COD, through and through. To take it further, it resembles more of what people would consider the “classic” CODs from years past. For specifics, I’m excited about the new game-modes (2v2, Ground War, uplink, and the co-op special ops missions). On top of that, the campaign seems to be very interesting, but let’s be real, we’re not buying it for that experience; I’m just hoping for a good cherry on top.

At the end of the day, it’s Call of Duty. I’m going to be very excited about it for the week leading up to it, I’ll more than likely have a great time with it for a month or two, and then start to see the cracks and probably slowly stop coming back. Then again, I’m excited about it while writing this, I can’t wait for the release date. Damnit if this isn’t the most toxic relationship I’ve ever been in.

The Outer Worlds

Not to be confused with the Outer Wilds which released earlier this year ( that’ll be confusing at the game awards), Outer Worlds is an RPG being developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Private Division. It releases on PS4, Xbox One & PC with a Switch version planned on release down the road.

This game could be huge, honestly, if it executes well on what it’s promising it could snag multiple awards this year. One of the coolest things we’ve seen is being able to recruit NPC characters as companions. Every NPC is unique, with the varying and unique combat skills combined with their own stories. Of course, this is a game of choice, you can avoid combat altogether through stealth or persuasion (if you’re into that sort of thing).

Gorgeous worlds, endless features all in a Space RPG which many are calling the spiritual successor to Fallout New Vegas. Does it live up to the hype come October 25th? Or does it just miss the mark? For now we are all aboard the hype train folks, choo! Choo!

Luigi’s Mansion 3

There isn’t a game on this list that nails the theme of October more than Luigi’s Mansion. I don’t know what’s more Halloween than running around sucking up ghosts as a frightened Luigi stumbles his way to be a poor man’s lone ghostbuster. All kidding aside, this game looks like it might improve on everything from its predecessors.

Gooigi looks to be either a very interesting game mechanic/co-op option or a tedious endeavor. Surprisingly ScareScraper Mode might be where this game ends up shinning. We never knew we wanted to play a Luigi’s Mansion game with up to 8 players online or local co-op before this mode. Overall, the level design on this game looks interesting, dare we say gorgeous and intricate, at least on paper.

In the end, this title may surprise everyone on just how fun and enjoyable it is, so if that horror movie looks too spooky. Then maybe you cuddle up with that special someone, friend or otherwise and help Luigi find, Marioooooooooooo.

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