Fire Emblem: Three Houses First Impressions & Violence in Gaming (Ep. 89)

Guess who’s back, back AGAIN! Iiiiiit’s Jeffers! That’s right gang, you read that correctly, everyone is back together this week! Jeffers has finished moving across country but hasn’t quite settled in yet. Luckily, he had a new game on his Switch to hold him tight during his long journey. Josh and Amy are still sucked into their usual games and try not to brag too much about their Apex win without their best bud, Jeffers…. but they do!  Jeffers tries not to hate it… but he does!


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The intro/outro was done by the amazing Nevan Dove.  You can find his other great work here:… 


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Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft to require loot box odds disclosure


Dark Souls 3 New Character Event – 8/17


Walmart taking down violent video game demos, displays


Apex Legends tournament pulled from ESPN in wake of mass shootings


Discord’s new Go Live feature will let users stream games to up to 10 friends

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