Twitch sMartTVGaming Interview & Persona 5 Spoilercast (Ep. 85)

Thank you so much to streamer Mart from sMartTVGaming for joining me on this episode! That’s right folks welcome to the 85th episode of Third Player Games Podcast! A video game podcast that dives into all things video games, news, gaming rumors modern gaming, indie, retro and of course our main ingredient, FUN! 

On this episode Josh & Amy are out as they are in the process of a big move. That means it’s your host Jeffers and my special guest, an amazing up and coming streamer, Mart! We do a short segment on what makes his channel unique, we learn about him, his community and what generally makes sMartTVGaming tick. After that though we do our big SPOILERCAST! That’s right! PERSONA 5! I know some of you can’t make it as you haven’t played it, but those of you that can you’re in for a treat! We dive into the many emotions and reactions we had to the game and some of its biggest moments! Thank you for listening everyone and please give a warm TPG welcome to Mart, definitely go check out his channel with the links directly below this paragraph!

Check out Mart and his wonderful channel, keep up to date by following his Twitter!

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The intro/outro was done by the amazing Nevan Dove.  You can find his other great work here:… 

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