Cuphead DLC Delayed, Super Mario Maker 2 & Dream Game Remakes (Ep. 84)

Welcome to the 84th episode of the always so fun video game podcast… Third Player Games! In this week the group is killing it, we’re crushing that backlog left and right folks! Josh defeats Tetris Effect, while not learning about a key mechanic until almost the very end. Amy on the other hand is doing… Amy things! That’s right, she finally finished the first Spyro on the Reignited Trilogy, while also 100% Crash Team Racing! Jeffers was no slouch this week either, he finished up Cadence of Hyrule in co-op mode and had a blast doing it!

Of course that’s not all, Josh leads us in another round of hot video game topics! PS+ had a sudden change of heart with Detroit Become Human added to the mix. Cuphead DLC is delayed to 2020, Fall Guys is a Battle Royale where you don’t kill anyone and Super Mario Maker 2 doubles the sales of the original! Of course there is more, we have Xbox Game Pass games coming in July and a mini recommendation corner by Josh that you should definitely check out!

To wrap up the episode we ask a very important question. What game or game series would you have remade next and why? Turns out Amy has been super lucky with reamakes already, so watch out for her suggestion, it just might happen! What games would you choose? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to like and share the podcast, thanks everyone!

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The intro/outro was done by the amazing Nevan Dove. You can find his other great work here:

Check Us OUT…RvRO6eGB1GalXkiA


Cool cinematic showing changes from u/mnkymk on Reddit:…comparison_kings/

PS+ games for July get changed: Detroit Become Human instead of Pro Evolution Soccer…nth-on-ps-plus/

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course DLC Delayed until 2020…latforms-in-2020/
Teaser Trailer:

Fall Guys: The battle royale where you don’t kill anyone…nt-kill-anyone

Far From Home Swings into Marvel’s Spider-Man…s-spider-man/
Comes with two new suits – Free

Super Mario Maker 2 physical sales almost double original…-double-original

New Xbox Game Pass games announced…1146404224697171975
Middle-earth: Shadow of War – 7/4​
My Time at Portia – 7/4​
Undertale – 7/4​
Blazing Chrome – 7/11​
Dead Rising 4 – 7/11​
LEGO City Undercover – 7/11​
Timespinner – 7/11​
Unavowed – 7/11

[Recommendation Corner]

[Business Insider] The world’s biggest video game retailer, GameStop, is dying: Here’s what led to the retail giant’s slow demise…xplained-2019-7

[Noclip] Behind the Scenes with the Games Media at E3 2019

[Max Joseph] How to Read More Books in the Golden Age of Content

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