Crash Team Racing & Harry Potter Wizards Unite (Ep. 82)

Video Game Video Games Video Games, oh boy do we have some games to talk about folks! All three of us started Borderlands the Prequel Sequel together and it has so far been a literal blast! We also started the remake of Crash Team Racing and yes you guessed it, also a blast! Meanwhile Josh started a game call The Messenger which is available on Game Pass. Amy dove into the new Harry Potter mobile game, Wizards Unite. And to top it off Jeffers somehow completed two challenging Games Katana Zero and Celeste!


Josh does a fantastic and hilarious walkthrough of all the news this week, don’t miss out Summer Games Done Quick which benefits Doctors without borders. More GOG Galaxy 2.0, Halo Reach PC Beta starting as early as next week and Destiny 2 reaches over million players daily again. Meanwhile we find out just why Nintendo is doing a sequel to Zelda Breath of the Wild. Oh and of course we have some of our famous “Rumor Has It” type news. Stay to the end because we talk about doggos in video games.


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The intro/outro was done by the amazing Nevan Dove.  You can find his other great work here:… 


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Summer Games Done Quick – benefiting Doctors Without Borders – is ongoing and ends on 6/30


GOG Galaxy 2.0: Closed Beta Launches


Halo Reach PC Closed Beta Starting as Early as Next Week


Breath Of The Wild Is Getting A Sequel Because The Team Had Too Many DLC Ideas


Destiny 2 player count is back over one million daily 


Super Mario battle royale returns as ‘DMCA Royale’


Nintendo Switch Mini possibly leaked by Chinese accessory maker


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