Black Ops 4 Impressions & Spider-Man Spoilercast (Ep. 46)

Blacks Ops 4, Borderlands 2 VR & Microsoft buying every studio, oh my! In all seriousness, it was some juicy news this week! On top of another episode of What’s That Video Game, the trio also do a lovely Spoilercast of Spiderman PS4. Don’t worry! Plenty of warnings for that all the way at the end!

3:14 – What Have We Been Playing?

19:04 – News

36:05 – What’s That Video Game?

44:55 – Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4) Spoilercast

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The intro/outro was done by the amazing Nevan Dove.  You can find his other great work here:…

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Black Ops 4 Breaks New Activision & Playstation Sales Records

Borderlands 2 Coming To PSVR

Sources: Microsoft Is Close To Buying Obsidian

PSN Online ID Change Feature Entering PlayStation Preview Program Soon

Red Dead Redemption 2 will have a file size of 88.57gb. (105! GB on PS4)

Stardew Valley coming to mobile

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