Blackout, Tomb Raider & Nintendo Direct – Third Player Games Podcast (Ep. 42)

Show Notes

In this episode Josh finished Insomniacs Spiderman, Amy can’t stop playing it either, so naturally, they talk about it. Oh yeah and Jeffers is back! Boy does he have a story for all of you…He’s also been playing some Spiderman but been playing a lot more of Shadow of The Tomb Raider and he’s here to tell you his feelings about it so far! Even better the entire gang played Call of Duty Blackout Beta! This week video game news is quite heavy because of course, another Nintendo Direct! Did someone say Animal Crossing? They better have!

Time Stamps

3:45 – Jeffers’ Vegas Story

16:23 – What We’ve Been Playing

35:56 – Video Game News

44:15 – Nintendo Direct

1:03:26 – What’s That Video Game


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