No Man’s Sky Next Impressions & August Games 2018 – Third Player Games Podcast (Ep. 35)

Show Notes

In our 35th episode, we give you our big No Man’s Sky Next update impressions. Two of us have never played the game while one of us played it before any of the updates of the last two years! We also have a bit of Star Wars Episode 9 news, a rousing game of What’s That Video Game and our rotating segment of August Games Preview! Give us a like and a follow if you can and thanks for listening everyone!

Time Stamps:

2:00 – What We’ve Been Playing & No Man’s Sky Next Impressions
18:05 – News
28:20 – What’s That Video Game
41:42 – August Games 2018
Awesome articles from our friends at Into The Spine!

Credit for the Third Player Games Theme Song goes to the composer, Nevan Dove.
Listen to more great tracks from this artist on Youtube and Soundcloud!

Steam Game Jeffers Spoke About – Ratz!

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News & Links

Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee Williams, and Mark Hamill will return for Episode 9

Fallout 76 beta launches in October

Salt and Sanctuary Nintendo Switch Announcement Trailer

GOG – Extended refund policy for No Man’s Sky

PDP is Making Some Sweet Wired Gamecube Controllers (No release date, holiday, likely in time for launch)

Rumor: The next generation of Xbox will consist of a traditional console and a low-spec streaming device for Microsoft’s game streaming service

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