E3 Wish List, Yoku’s Island Express, & FAR: Lone Sails (Ep. 27)

Show Notes

In this episode of Third Player Games, the gang gets a new theme song! We’d like to send a big thank you out to composer, Nevan Dove, for creating us a song of our very own! So, it turns out May was full of new, delightful indie games and everyone has some great recommendations. E3 is coming up fast and it seems to be the only thing anyone in the gaming community is talking about. So, naturally, we are too… but it might not be quite what you expect. Listen in for Third Player Game’s zaney E3 wish list. It’s highly unlikely any of our picks will show up but hey, we can dream can’t we!

Awesome articles from our friends at Into The Spine!

Credit for the Third Player Games Theme Song goes to the composer, Nevan Dove.
Listen to more great tracks from this artist on Youtube and Soundcloud!


4:30 – What have we been playing?
30:27 – News
52:05 – TPG’s Zany E3 Wish List
102:34 – “What’s That Video Game?”

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News & Links

PUBG takes US game firm [Epic Games] to court [over Fortnite]

Fortnite on Switch may have been leaked

Looks like Borderlands is getting a re-release

A lot of speculation that Borderlands 3 and Horizon 2 could be announced at E3

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey may have been leaked by a keychain

Ubisoft confirming via their Twitter

Fallout 76 announcement

Sources: Fallout 76 Is An Online Survival RPG

If you own a Switch it’s a great time to be a Pokemon Fan. Pokemon Pikachu & Evee announced.

Bungie Gets $100 Million For New Non-Destiny Game

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