Radical Heights & Josh Gets A Switch – Third Player Games Podcast (Ep. 20)

Show Notes

In this week’s episode of Third Player Games Podcast, we talk about a variety of subjects! Josh gets a Switch for his birthday! Welcome to Zelda, Splatoon 2 & Snipperclips talk! There’s a new battle royal game in town, it’s described as an 80’s themed game show battle royale that’s about the money, meet Radical Heights! Stardew Valley multiplayer is on its way and despite the business model A Way Out sells pretty well. We also have a new round of What’s That Video Game with none other than the one, the only, Amy Rose!

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News & Links

An 80’s Infused, Battle Royale Game Show Released to Steam for Early Access

Stardew Valley multiplayer ‘should be ready in about a month,’ creator says

A Way Out sells a Million copies

Steam Spy no longer able to operate after Valve’s latest Steam update

Sea of Thieves: Periodic Major Updates and Weekly Minor Content Updates Starting in May

New Bioshock Reportedly in the works at “Top Secret” facility at 2K

PlayStation Having Better Exclusives is Bad For Xbox but Good For Gamers. Question into, How Does PlayStation Stay On Top With The Future Console Wars, AKA The Next Wave Of Consoles

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