Amanda Farough Special Guest! – Third Player Games Podcast (Ep. 15)

Show Notes

In this episode Amy & Josh have abandoned the show, they left. Alright fine, they went on vacation. That’s okay though, Third Player Games Podcast has their first ever guest! She’s made a career writing about video games and entertainment. Intelligent, funny and knowledgeable, this is one podcast episode you don’t want to miss! The amazing Amanda Farough joins Jeffers Haile in a hilarious informative episode.

We have a huge news segment this week! Valve is back in town when it comes to making games, a PS4 exclusive game was delayed and a lot of fantastic news from the Nintendo Direct! Along with this, we get to hear how Jeffers almost lost his passion for video games, but one game, in particular, changed everything. Better yet, Amanda tells us how she started from the bottom of the internet writing pool, only to make herself into the success she is today. All the while she gives back to the “baby journalist” community!

Amanda Farough

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According to sources at eurogamer Diablo 3 is coming to Switch

PlayStation exclusive Days Gone Delayed to 2019

Jon Favreau Will Write Star Wars Live Action Show

Activision revealed the release date of Blacks Ops 4

Valve is making games again

Overwatch League Host receives death threats and hate message for thanking men on international women’s day

Nintendo Direct

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