ESRB Will Add Label, We Play Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes – (Ep. 14)

Show Notes

It’s Third Player Games Podcast time! In this week’s episode, we keep it short and sweet! The ESRB is adding labels for “In Game Purchases.” We also talk about the many games we’ve been playing, some old school, some new school and some that are right in the middle. The new Overwatch character Brigitte has been announced, Sony is doubling down on First-Party Games and the PSN Plus this month is amazing!

In addition to all that we talk about a game that everyone can have fun with, even non-gamers, Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes. Also, we have a bit of an announcement at the end of this week’s show, the next couple of episodes will be wildly different to past weeks.

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News & Links

Halo: Reach Players Spent Seven Years Trying To Get Into A Cutscene Room

Detroit: Become Human Launches May 25

New Overwatch hero: Brigitte – (Bre-gee-tah)
No More Tony Hawk Games, at least not good games…

ESRB Will Add ‘In-Game Purchases’ Label To Games

Sony Is Restructuring to Focus More on First-Party Games

PSN Plus games for March: Bloodborne and Ratchet & Clank

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