Fe Review & Upcoming Video Games In March – Third Player Games Podcast (Ep. 13)

Show Notes

Hey there everyone! In the 13th episode of Third Player Games podcast, we are back at in our corners of the world. We might be separate, but our audio is back to its high quality form! This week is light on news, some of it is not your normal headlines, what can we say it was a quiet week. We do have our end of the month segment where we give you the preview for March’s upcoming video games!

We also have What’s That Video Game and it’s a rare occasion where Josh can’t get points, mainly because he’s the host. Josh and Amy have apparently put together their own computer! With this comes some possibilities, including a potential Third Player Games Sea of Thieves run! Our biggest segment this week is one of the best reviews of a game we’ve heard in a long time. This one is for the video game Fe and it’s been done by our very own Amy Rose in our rotating segment!


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News & Games Releasing In March

Chris realized something was wrong with his hand while playing Switch. Turns out he had a tumor in his left hand. Now he’s using a customized grip that someone on Reddit offered to create for him with a 3D printer so that he can play one handed while recovering from surgery.

They are making a movie about Flamin Hot Cheetos (the creator idea man for it) Nuff Said

Game Night Reviews So Far – In Theaters Feb 23rd
Rotten Tomatoes = 80% IGN = 9/10
Stars Jason Bateman Rachel Mcadams, Also Lamorne Morris (New Girl, Winston)

Two College Students Still Setting Records On Borderlands 2 Speedruns

Blizzard/Overwatch is Hilarious with trolling/Responding to request

Games Releasing in March


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