Shadow Of Colossus, First Time Playthrough – Third Player Games Podcast Ep. (11)

Show Notes

The biggest thing we have this week on our rotating segment is Shadow Of The Colossus! Jeffers has played Shadow Of The Colossus from beginning to end, he gives us a review but with fresh eyes. That’s right, the PS4 remaster is his first ever experience with the game! Stay tuned until the end of the episode to get his hot take on the re-release!

In this episode, Third Player Games Podcast makes the big announcement for our new upcoming content! We have a variety of interesting news stories this week! from Fortnite and PUBG to Dig Dog, all the way to rumors about Crash Bandicoot and everything in between!

One of our biggest news stories, however, which won’t actually be found in the news section, is the update on Josh & Amy’s Christmas decorations! We also have What’s That Video Game, Jeffers edition! Which may have been a bit more challenging than expected, whoops!

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News Stories Links

Fortnite has more concurrent players than PUBG

Red Dead Battle Royal

Dig Dog – On Steam

Dig Dog Article

German Authorities To Consider Loot Box Ban

Sweden Could Classify Loot Boxes As Gambling By Early 2019

Activision Blizzard makes 4 billion USD in microtransaction revenue out of a 7.16 billion USD total in 2017 (approx. 2 billion from King)

Source –

Rumor: Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy coming this year for Switch & PC, new game coming 2019

Kingdom Come: Deliverance will have a massive 23GB Day One Patch on PS4

PS4 Pro’s new super-sampling tested: big boosts for 1080p users.


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