Episode 5- 2017 Game Awards & 2018 Most Anticipated Games


In this special New Years Eve 2017 episode, the gang gives out their “special” 2017 Game Awards! These aren’t your typical awards however, each person has come up with their own fun, sometimes wacky awards for games this year. On top of that Josh, Amy and Jeffers haven’t told each other what their awards are, let alone which game they chose for each!

After that, we talk about 2018 Most Anticipated Video Game of 2018! Surprisingly we had each had a wide variety of games we are excited about in 2018. Even more surprising is we there were very few overlaps between the three of us.

Thank you, everyone, for listening! We appreciate all of you, have an amazing holiday, HAPPY NEW YEARS from Third Player Games Podcast, you will hear from us again on January 9th 2018!!!

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